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The Oriental zodiac of 12 divisions is based on the cycle of Jupiter of 12 years. Jupiter remains for one year in each of these 12 divisions.
In Feng Shui, each of the years, is named after an animal, whose nature, attributes and behaviour are supposed to express the qualities of those born during that period.
Each cycle begins with the year of the rat and the order of the animals, which rule each consecutive year, is : Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse; Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. If you wish to find out which animal sign ruled your year of birth, you must know that the Chinese New Year does not begin on January 1, but on the day of the New Moon. The given chart shows you the year of your birth, the date on which the Chinese New Year begins, and your corresponding animal sign. Your date of birth may belong to the animal sign of the previous year, as we have to take into consideration the date on which the Chinese Year begins. The ruling period for each animal is about one year, Which begins and ends according to the Chinese calendar. The characteristics of these animals are as follows:


The old saying about rats deserting a sinking ship shows that they are most intuitive and often can sense things before they happen. Rats have a fascination for things in the dark - mysteries, secrets, anything hidden. People born under this year enjoy exploring unfamiliar territories and places, which are far from their base. They like plenty of room and , if they are confined, they get suffocated. Restless by nature, they always need to do something or go somewhere. They are independent, quick-witted and opportunistic. They love to hoard, are misers and often succeed in getting good bargains. They are selfish and will use any means to get ahead in life.

They are quite independent and prefer working alone, but always like to double check to confirm that they have committed no mistakes. Since they love outdoors and new locations, their best gift would be a holiday package to distant places. Rats are, in order of preference, best compatible with dragons, monkeys, oxen, snakes, rats, tigers, dogs and pigs. They have clashes with horses, rabbits, rams, and roosters.
Famous rats: Shakespeare, Prince Charles


The Ox, being the beast of burden, often ends up carrying someone else’s load. People born under this year are usually calm and quiet and can be easily trusted. They enjoy leisure and you will seldom see them rushing around unless an emergency arises. They like to make their own decisions, and often excel in their organizations. They like to ponder over new things before they make a move. They are very dependable and love their children. They are very patient, but difficult to control if they lose their temper. Ox people are very hard working. They feel at home when they go outdoors in natural surroundings. Ideal gifts to be given to such people are fresh flowers, money plants and paintings of scenic beauty. The oxen get along well in order of preference, with snakes, roosters, rats, rabbits, oxen, dragons, monkeys, and pigs. They clash with rams, tigers, horses and dogs.
Famous Oxen: Peter Sellers, Walt Disney, and Charlie Chaplin.


The Tiger is capable of incredible bursts of energy and can accomplish a great deal within a short span of time. However, these sudden displays of hectic activity usually are short-lived. Anyone provoking or tormenting a tiger is only looking for trouble. It is believed that a girl born in the year of the Tiger will cause trouble, especially for her husband, if they are incompatible. Those born under these signs are generous and warm-hearted. They are dynamic and their presence is readily felt. They are loyal, enthusiastic, courageous and very active; they love to receive any gifts connected with sports.
Tigers are comfortable, in order of preference, with horses, dogs, pigs, roosters, rats, tigers, dragons and rams. They clash with monkeys, oxen, rabbits and snakes.
Famous Tigers: Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anne.


A rabbit is timid, extremely sensitive and afraid of stronger, more aggressive animals because it knows that they can hurt it. If given affection and protection, they are very friendly, companionable and loving. They dislike noise, violence and cruelty.
They usually find ways to avoid trouble. Rabbits prefer their home ground because they feel safe in their own territory. Those born under this animal sign prefer to have their offices at their residences or close by. Rabbits are honest people and can be trusted. Their friendship is long-lasting and they make wonderful hosts.
Rabbits are soft spoken and tender at heart. They are best gilted with something similar to their natural qualities like soft and fluffy towels, linens, cushions, warm clothes and perfumes. Rabbits are best compatible in order of preference with rams, pigs, dragons, dogs, rats, oxen, rabbits, and snakes. They have problems adjusting with roosters, tigers, horses and monkeys.
Famous Rabbits: Queen Victoria, and Frank Sinatra.


Dragons have the ability to transform the lowest into the highest not only in their lives, but also in the lives of those with whom they come into close contact. They do not like limitations and often rise to great heights. They know that lasting satisfaction is rarely found in material things alone, and need food for the soul. They refuse to be dominated and are independent in their thoughts and deeds. Dragons are intelligent, active and brilliant. They are very successful in their work and cannot think of being failures in life.
They love themselves and are fascinated by their own characteristics. They will appreciate it, if you gift them with dragon figurines. Their compatibility with other animals, in order of preference, is rats, monkeys, rabbits, pigs, tigers, snakes, rams and roosters. They are uncomfortable with dogs, oxen, dragons and horses,
Famous Dragons: Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin and George Bernard Shaw.


A snake is an expert at disappearing, and while others are looking for it, it slides away in another direction. People born under this sign like peace and solitude. They have a strong sixth sense and are quick to sense danger. They cannot be harmed easily. They are intelligent and never miss out on opportunities. Snakes like to oblige people but are not very friendly. They do not like hard work and find ways to make maximum profits with minimum efforts. Snake people love to receive rare and expensive gifts. They do not appreciate ordinary gifts as they have very high tastes. Some snakes are known to guard hoarded wealth and gifts of jewellery usually thrill them.
Snakes are compatible, in order of preference, with oxen, roosters, rats, rabbits, snakes, dogs, dragons and rams but have difficulty adjusting with pigs, tigers, horses and monkeys.
Famous Snakes: John F. Kennedy, Pablo Picasso, Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Onassis



'Eager for action but in need of restraint' is a Chinese saying that applies to the horse. This refers to the tendency to race headlong into a situation without considering the consequences. A horse loves its freedom, enjoys open spaces and is happiest when it has plenty of room. Horse people usually have plenty of stamina, strength and speed and are highly sensitive, restless and extremely intelligent. If they are treated, well, they'll always prove to be good friends. They constantly need encouragement and support and are enthusiastic and enterprising. Horses are full of ideas, love traveling and sports. They would be delighted if presented with tickets to interesting sports events. Ladies born under this sign love to be pampered with expensive gifts.
Horses and rams make excellent friends and life partners, but for them, life becomes difficult if they have to live with rats. They are also compatible with tigers, dogs, dragons, monkeys, roosters and pigs. They clash with oxen, rabbits, snakes and horses.
Famous Horses: Sean Connery and Princess Margaret.


Rams, sheep and goats come under the same category. Rams are devoted to their offspring and make good parents. The family unit is important to them and lambs hate to be separated from their mothers. Although a sheep loses its wool
when fleeced, it can grow again. Hence, the Chinese believe that people born in the year of the Sheep will never be short of important things in life for too long. They are considered to be very lucky and popular, like to take life easy, and always need the company of friends as they become restless in, solitude. They like to be presented with images of God and paintings of natural surroundings, as they are spiritual and religious by nature. They are compatible with horses, rabbits, pigs, tigers, dragons, snakes, rams and monkeys. They clash with oxen, rats, roosters and dogs.
Famous Rams: Bill Gates.


Those born under the Monkey sign are intelligent and crave for attention. The wisest monkey is one who sees no evil, hears no evil, and speaks no evil. Monkeys can seldom remain calm and are restless. They have a natural sense of
humour, and love recreational activities. They can be affectionate and charming, are overconfident and often have a superiority complex. Being gifted and ambitious, they are capable of accepting difficult challenges in life. They often undertake projects where others have failed. They hate to be ignored in life.
Monkeys have a good rapport with rats, dragons, oxen, rams, roosters, dogs, pigs and monkey but are irritated in the company of tigers, rabbits, snakes and horses.
Famous monkeys: Elizabett Taylor and Nelson Rockefeller.


'The early bird catches the worm' goes the saying and as the rooster is awake and crowing at dawn, it is a symbol of capability, progress and achievement. He often appears vain, haughty and full of self-confidence as he struts around the barnyard. However this display of bravado is his means of self-protection and does not reflect his true nature. People born in the year of the rooster are inclined to be bossy, outspoken, and tend to pick things to pieces.
They like to be admired, appreciated for even little things they do. They can be easily won over by flattery. Those born under this sign are fond of attractive clothes and look for admiration. They stand out in a crowd and have powerful personalities. They love to receive gifts of clothes like jackets and pullovers.
Roosters combine well with oxen, snakes, tigers, horses, dragons, rams, dogs, and pigs but clash badly with rabbits, rats, monkeys and roosters.
Famous Roosters: Prince Philip and D.H. Lawrence.


The dog is the emblem of fidelity and the guardian of the home. They are faithful and loyal. If anyone born in the year of the dog keeps telling you what to do, then they probably mean well, even though they become annoying at times. They prefer doing things they enjoy without interference. They are unselfish and often put the interests of the ones they love over their own. They try to do their best even if not appreciated. They can be trusted as they are honest. They work hard but are not too concerned about the outcome. They do not like to accumulate wealth for themselves, but would do anything for their loved ones. They do not like to be disturbed unnecessarily and can be dangerous if roused, although they cannot remain angry for long. They are good writers and also like reading books and would welcome gifts like fountain pens, stationery items and books.
Dogs make excellent friends With horses, tigers, rats, rabbits, snakes, monkeys, dogs and pigs but are not at ease in the company of oxen, dragons, rams and roosters.
Famous Dogs: Sophia Loren, Winston Churchill.


The pig is an earthy animal with strong passions and desire. People born under this animal sign are fond of food but are inclined to be wasteful and extravagant. They enjoy periods of laziness and self-indulgence. They make good and reliable friends and wonderful companions in times of need. Pigs do not hold grudges for long and are quite forgiving. They are peaceful by nature and like to organise things wherever they work. They like having big families and are the homely type. Generous by nature, they are usually blessed with prosperity. They can be gifted with decorative items for their homes.
Pigs are very fond of rabbits, rams, oxen, dragons, roosters, dogs, rats and tigers. They cannot stand snakes, horses, monkeys and pigs.
Famous Pigs: Julie Andrews.



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