Like attracts like, so make sure your space reflects the harmony and balance that you would like to bring into your life

Welcoming the soul to an environment that is blessed abundantly with love, happiness, prosperity and good health.

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Veranda or balcony is best built along the north or east of a home. Verandas that run along all four walls should be slightly narrower on the southern and western side so that there is proportionately more space in the northeast.

Do not sit with your back to the door while working. It is a very vulnerable position to sit in as people could scheme against you behind your back.

Beautify the eastern wall of your child's room with nature related creativity depicting trees, flowers, birds etc.

Make the most of your relationship by showing mementoes of your life together in the southwest of your bedroom. Energise this area with a lamp, bright flowers vibrant and colourful painting or a pair of crystals hanging from the window.

Choose furniture, toys and furnishing with soft and curved lines as this will help children to grow creatively and remain flexible.

A child's bedroom in the east is great for his health, creativity and growth!

Enliven the southeast of your home with fruit plants and flowers in full bloom. This is symbolic of wealth and prosperity.

Enhance your wealth by pasting pictures that depict wealth flowing effortlessly into your home in the inside of the southeast and southwest cupboards.

Hang a pair of crystals from the southeast window to activate and stimulate the fortunate blessings coming into your home. A fresh healthy plant and a crystal bowl placed in the same area on the window ledge or table will help to increase and receive the incoming flow of wealth.

The western part of your home is connected with imagination and creativity, anything that gives you pleasure - art, music, dancing, writing or painting. If this area of your home is too full or overcrowded, creativity can become stifled. Let your creative energy flow by expressing yourself here.

Enhance the north of your home with blue decorative objects. The colour blue is connected with water that represents our movement through life and helps make our career and profession smooth.

Do you dream of travelling all around the world? Energise the northwest of your home with a large world map - the area associated with travel. Highlight the countries you would like to travel to with a red marker.

A master bedroom in the South-West quadrant brings wisdom, strength and power. This is definitely the ideal location for parents. The power remains in their hands, not the hands of their children.

Water fountains towards the North-East of the property in the exterior or interior help to increase the flow of Cosmic energy or Prana into the house

Do not ever sit and study or work in such an unsupportive environment where tall cabinets hanging overhead give u the pressure of the world

If you or someone in your home watches too much television, place it in the northwest quadrant. The element of air, which governs this area, creates distractions and restlessness. A television addict loses interest and wanders away.

Display a positive symbol of 'SUCCESS AHEAD' or a WORLD MAP in the north of your room to attract a wealth of career opportunities across different geographical locations and projects.

Light a candle in rooms or spaces which have not been used for a long time to dispel negative energies.


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