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People born in the year of the Rat will have a great 2015. This year will see progress for you, though at a slightly slow pace in the beginning. Career and business will improve towards the latter part of the year. You can look forward to a boost in your career, a promotion, or some unexpected achievements and monetary gains. Patience is the key to success in love and relationship matters. Health will be good, so nothing to worry on this front.

It is an active time for the Rat born, as fortunes improve and periods of change uncover new opportunities for wealth or career advancement. Your creativity surges to the forefront, combined with quick thinking and great problem solving abilities that lead to smart solutions. Partnerships in business will bring profit, but be careful to maintain some independence in the venture. Your ability to adapt quickly to circumstances will prove to be a great asset.


The Ox and the Ram do not have the best history of getting along, seated right across each other in the circle of conflict. Therefore, this might be a difficult year for the Oxen, but your amazing will power and determination will help you come out a winner.

The Ox should take time out for himself and pursue his hobbies and spend time with family. Love and family life will be blessed. Be careful with your spending. There might be some tension on the health front. Good karma from previous and present work or acts of kindness will come back to you manifold and will help you sail comfortably through this difficult period. If the hardworking Ox plans his year carefully, this could turn out to be a not so tough year.


Concentration and focus will help the tiger climb the success ladder this year. It is a good time to improve your self-image. Investing time and effort on yourself and on your fitness will prove beneficial as health is directly connected to your emotions this year. Maintain a sense of holistic balance. Stay calm and try to control situations maturely. The tiger should avoid travelling to cold and gloomy places this year, as environmental influences can affect mood and stamina, causing listlessness or depression. In general it is a favourable year, with no sudden advances but no disasters either.

The year of the Ram will be an auspicious and favourable year for the charming rabbit with the Ram bringing its blessings. Take advantage of all the great opportunities that you come across this year. This is a good time to change jobs or start a new venture. There will be harmony in your domestic life. Previously difficult relations will be resolved this year as we move into a happy season of love, renewal and stability.

You have high chances of career advancements and will be extremely influential at your workspace. You can achieve your goals and objectives with relative ease. Your social skills will be at its peak and you will charm people easily. This year is EXTRMELY positive for you so look forward to bright times ahead, but remember to always stay grounded. Wedding bells may also be on the cards.


This year the Dragon needs to show courage and be strong and mindful. You should take a step back instead of forging ahead with no concrete plans. It may help to get a fresh perspective to the impending situations in your life.

This will be an energetic year for you, but directing your energy towards the right cause is more important. The wood element in power this year gives a change in lifestyle to the Dragon's native earth element. This could mean a change in job, city, career or status. This year will be a hectic and hard working one and the dragon needs to think of ways to save money. Risky ventures and gambling should strictly be avoided.


The Snake will be able to overcome his obstacles and see some success in previously stuck matters. Be vigilant and don’t leave things to chance. Just believe in your abilities and plan things judiciously.

Travel is on the cards! Your fast paced lifestyle will be smooth this year and you will glide through it joyously. Try to keep calm and act maturely when it comes to tensions in family life.


The horse will have a harmonious 2015, with luck by his side in love and career matters. Work hard, and you will surely gallop through the year. You are passionate and a charmer and may just meet your true love this year! Move at a slower pace than usual however and consider your options carefully. Take help from a trusted friend when making big decisions. For work matters, you may even consider hiring a professional to help you take big decisions.

You are likely to experience a transformation in job this year. Patience is not only your virtue but also one of the surest ways for the Horse to find balance in the year of the Ram. Family life and health will be positive so nothing to worry on this front.


The year of the Ram will be auspicious for people born under the same sign. You will tend to be overly optimistic about your finances and too generous with friends and loved ones. You should consider taking help from a trusted person to restrict your budget and manage your finances for you.

People may take advantage of your good nature so take extra care to insulate yourself from controversies. Smart thinking and diplomacy in unfavourable situations will help you. Be it love or career; think about growing what you have instead of venturing into new territories. Career wise you are likely to achieve desired results.


This year will be constructive, successful and blessed for the Monkey born. Career advancements are foreseen if you are able to maneuver yourself into opportunities and situations that benefit you directly or indirectly. The year may begin with a windfall, but beware to only disclose it to near and dear ones and not blow the trumpet. Help those who are less fortunate, and you will receive more. People will always remember and appreciate your good deeds.

You must find consensus and cooperation of team members in work related matters. Love life and relationships will remain strong.



Staying focused will be the Rooster’s key to success this year. You need to have clear objectives in mind if you wish to reach your goals. Your confidence and tactful abilities will come to your aid. You will be in the fortunate position to be able to pick and choose this year.

Making extra efforts to balance the many commitments in your life could take a toll on your mind and body. So stay calm and focus on what’s important. This year will be eventful, marriage and children are on the cards. Keep an eye on your budget as expenditure on travel and gifting may add up this year.


This is a year of joy and happiness for those born in the year of the Dog! Love and family life will be more important to you than your professional commitments. When it comes to family, the Dog is overly protective and loving. This year he is possibly going to be more generous and take the family on a holiday because of the extra income that is expected to shower upon him.

Your experience and intuition will help you make the right decisions this year. The Dog will enjoy widening his circle of friends, and this will improve his career situation as well as his home life. With all the luck and prosperity knocking on the Dog’s door this year, he should be thankful and remain grounded.


It is a happy and stable year for the pig sign. You will have the inner strength that is needed to overcome all problems successfully. Be it love, career or business, the Pig born will definitely end up winning all his battles.

The pig will be attending more events than usual and will be an active participant in them. His tendency to overspend is heightened this year. The sociable Pig is overly generous with promises about his time and money. He will find that people will co-operate with him easily and will be happy to work with him. His open-minded nature will serve him well, as there will be many unexpected events. However, the pig should pay special attention to balance his health and his busy social and work life this year.



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