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Flying Stars for 2015

According to documented legend, a noble tortoise emerged from the River Lo about 4000 years ago, carrying on its huge back, special and significant markings which the ancient interpreted as primary numbers, one to nine.

These numbers appeared in the form of circular dots, and were arranged in such a way that adding any three numbers in a straight line in whatever direction made up a total of 15, which coincided with the number of days in each of the 24 bases of the solar year. The three grid pattern also corresponded to the eight sides of the Pa Kua, North, South, East, West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest around a ninth central point.

The pattern of numbers came to be known as the Lo Shu Magic square, and in time, this square came to exert a powerful and mythical influence to unlocking the mysterious secrets of many magical theories. What is extremely significant about these numbers is the way the numbers flow from section to section of the square. This flow of these numbers - from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 and so on along the grid is the basis of the Flying Stars School of Feng shui.
The arrangement of these numbers within the nine squares of the Lo Shu grid help the Feng Shui practitioner to investigate the auspicious and inauspicious corners and sectors of a house or building during a particular period, which may be monthly, yearly or during the present 20 Feng shui period. Once the arrangement of these numbers are determined by applying the Flying Star formula, the Lo Shu Magic square with the numbers is superimposed onto the house or office plan.

This is a very accurate science, which makes the horoscope of the property. The reigning Lo Shu number is determined and the compass direction of the property with exact degrees is taken. The reigning number is then filled in the centre and the remaining numbers in the rest of the grid. 2, 3, 5, 7 are considered to be inauspicious numbers and 1, 4, 6, 8, 9 are considered to be the auspicious ones.

These numbers annually fly to different parts of the house. Each year auspicious numbers can be activated for good luck and inauspicious numbers can be dissolved to minimise their ill effects.
AUSPICIOUS STARS 1, 4, 6, 8, 9:

The White star 1 is an auspicious Victory star that has arrived in the East this year, bringing with it wonderful influences on career, business, education, health and wealth. People having their main entrance in the East or their bedroom, office, study or any other room in the East will benefit immensely in the year 2015.

Activate this water star by placing a water fountain here with six or seven currency coins immersed in it. At your workspace, you may tie six Chinese coins with a red ribbon and place it on a blue or green mat on your office table to attract innumerable business opportunities.



The scholastic star 4 that governs education, travel, creativity, wisdom, intelligence and self-development flies to the North-West this year. It is an excellent star for research, study and examinations.

Enhance this wonderful Wood Star 4 by placing a water feature, wooden wind chime, bamboo shoots or flower petals in fresh water in the North West corner. Avoid placing sharp metal objects here. Enhance your child's academic growth by placing his study table and books in the North West part of his bedroom.


An extremely benevolent Star 6 is in the North East this year, bringing with it divine luck from the Almighty and support from well connected and highly influential mentors. It will be excellent for career and wealth. Activate this quadrant of your home with spiritual energy like images or representation of God in metal forms.

Place a silver box full of gold, silver and currency coins here to activate the wealth energy this year. You can also energise this area by placing a real quartz crystal or a cluster of six crystals. This will help you grow in your career and increase your prospects.


The most prosperous Earth Star 8 that brings name, fame, success, wealth and prosperity has arrived in the North this year. Ensure that this area of your home is totally clutter free.

Activate the fortunate Earth Star 8 by placing a beautiful piece of rose quartz, an amethyst, a yellow citrine or simply any artifact that is made of marble in the North of your home. Also hang a crystal in this area near the window or door. You may use the colour yellow liberally in this part of the house, be it in the form of tapestry or furnishings or any other décor. Use this room as frequently as possible to stimulate this annual star.


The Grand Duke is in the South West this year. Do not indulge in any digging activities or renovations in the South West quadrant of your home this year. If your main entrance is in this direction then try not to slam the door too often! Place healthy, green, leafy plants and potted flowers if the main entrance to your house is in the South West.

Auspicious purple Star 9 attracts expansions, prosperity, career opportunities and growth. This star also governs name, fame and self-improvement. Couples with their bedrooms in the South West will enjoy good fortune and sound relationships. Place a small box containing 3 silver coins or its multiples in the South West of your bedroom to enhance the Trinity Luck.


The inauspicious Star 2 has arrived in the South East this year. It affects health, bringing with it sickness, disease, stress, stomach and digestive problems. If this area in your home has a bathroom or a storeage room, this can be quite harmless. However, pregnant women or people with poor health should not sleep in the South Eastern rooms.

If your front door, bedroom, office or lounge is in the South East direction then nullify the negative effect by hanging a string of six metal coins here. Alternatively any metallic artifact tied with a red ribbon can also be placed here. Salt and water cure or an open bowl of salt is also a great remedy to dissipate the negative effect of the Star 2.


The negative wood star 3 is a star of arguments, disputes, legal problems and robbery and has arrived in the Centre this year. Because it has flown into and got trapped in the Centre, this can cause more problems than usual. The energy radiates into all directions of the house from here spreading its negative impact. Try and keep the Centre of your home as quiet as possible this year and avoid renovation work.

Fire colours exhaust wood energy, therefore to calm such a volatile negative wood star, this area should be lively and very vibrant. Splurge bright decorative objects, red carpets, vibrant table-cloths, cushions, furnishings, lamps and so on.


The most dangerous star to watch out for in 2015 is the bad energy star "FIVE YELLOW", that symbolizes obstacles, disasters, sickness, law suits and financial losses. This arrives in the West this year. Those living in west facing houses, your bedrooms and offices get highly affected.

Do not activate the negative earth Star 5 with vibrant colours. Rather exhaust its energy by lavishly using white, silver, gold, copper in furnishings, floor mats, cushions, runners, bedspreads, lampshades or other artifacts. Keeping salt water cure here is another very powerful remedy. Additionally, avoid keeping music systems here and suppress the bad energy by placing a heavy boulder or hanging a wind chime with five SOLID rods.


This unlucky star 7 has arrived in the southern quadrant in the year 2015. It brings with it accidents, acts of violence, deception, back stabbing and potential for robbery and cheating to those residing in this sector. Strengthen security measures if your house or offices faces the South.

Exhaust this metal star by indulging in blue décor in the form of artifacts, cushions, rugs, bedcovers, doormats or simply an urn of water in the pure south of the house. Do not aggravate this star by using vibrant colours like red, maroon, purple or orange. Avoid candles at all costs.



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