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Personal Horoscope Reading

Pillars of Destiny: Your Personal Horoscope Reading

Chinese astrology known as the Four Pillars of Destiny is a system put in place for destiny analysis. Here your entire birth data that is - your date, time and place of birth is converted into five elements of nature. These five elements when decoded reveal what the strength of the various elements was at the time of our birth.

This helps us to know ourselves, understand our personality, our strengths and weaknesses, directions in life and the ups and downs of our fortune cycles in the past, present and future. These pillars provide an accurate means to evaluate our background, character, true potential and hidden talent. Through the personal horoscope reading you will find solutions to problems you may be facing in your personal life, relationships, health, career, family, business or any other.

Now you must be wondering if it’s all pre destined then what is the point in knowing our future?

The truth is that knowing what could possibly be achieved with great difficulty would save many people a lot of disappointment, unhappiness and frustration. The journey through life would be so much more comfortable, pleasant and enjoyable if people in this world could focus on their true abilities and hidden talents. Finding out what destiny has in store for you is like evaluating your life path. We can make use of the information revealed in our charts to accelerate performance at work, strengthen relationship with others, maximise talents and potential and above all take right decisions at the right time based on forecasts of our upcoming cycle of luck.

What you need to send me

Your Name
Your Date of Birth
Your Time of Birth
Your Place of Birth with Time Zone
Any particular questions you want soultions for

Consultation Charges & Method of Payment

Consultation charges are Rs.2,000 per horoscope.

Transfer Funds to:
Account No.: 33010008073
Bank: Standard Chartered, New Alipore Branch, Calcutta 700053, India Bank Branch Code: 330
IFSC Code: SCBL0036007

Once you have made the payment, please attach a scan copy of the transaction and email to: .

Means of Consultation

Consultation will be given either via phone OR email depending on what the client prefers.

Consultation points

Your consultation will involve a thorough reading of your horoscope based on Feng Shui’s Pillars of Destiny. It will tell you highlights of your past life and also what you can expect in the future, according to your horoscope prepared. At the beginning of the Consultation you may ask to focus on particular aspects of your life in detail. This may be problems related to relationships, health, wealth, conception, children, education, legal or business for example. The consultation will also give you a detailed understanding of your favourable directions, colours and personalized tips to move away from your current problem areas and pave way to happier times.



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