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Match Making

Pillars of Destiny: Match Making

Chinese astrology known as the Four Pillars of Destiny is a system put in place for destiny analysis. Here your entire birth data that is - your date, time and place of birth is converted into five elements of nature. These five elements when decoded reveal what the strength of the various elements was at the time of our birth.

Pillars of Destiny reveals information about human relationships and partnerships. It is very important to analyse the compatibility between perspective or existing spouses. Here, I apply certain techniques in reading birth data, which can pair the most suitable partners. This is done by evaluating the respective pillars of a couple to see if they have supportive and harmonious elements in their charts that complement each other. Considering the high rate of divorces and bad marriages these days it will certainly be a boon to know their compatibility prospects and what measures can be taken to ensure a happy married life.

What you need to send me

Your & your perspective match’s:

Date of Birth
Time of Birth
Place of Birth with Time Zone

Consultation Charges & Method of Payment

Consultation charges are Rs.1,000 per horoscope.

Match making of 1 Girl & 1 Boy involves preparing 2 horosopes, hence charges will be Rs.2,000 total.
Match making of 1 Girl & 3 Boys involves preparing 4 horoscopes, hence charges will be Rs.4,000 total and so on.

Transfer Funds to:
Account No.: 33010008073
Bank: Standard Chartered, New Alipore Branch, Calcutta 700053, India Bank Branch Code: 330
IFSC Code: SCBL0036007

Once you have made the payment, please attach a scan copy of the transaction and email to: .

Means of Consultation

Consultation will be given either via phone OR email depending on what the client prefers.

Consultation points

Your consultation will involve preparing your and your match’s horoscopes based on Feng Shui’s Pillars of Destiny. Only questions related to Match Making will be answered. You will get an idea of the other person’s temperaments, mindset, areas of strength, health issues, career progression etc and more importantly how these factors compliment and affect you according to your horoscope. This will give you a clear perspective of your compatibility strengths and weaknesses that you should be aware of right at the onset before getting into a relationship.


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