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Consultation for Existing Property/Premises

Detailed Consultation of Existing Property & Complete designing of residential and commercial projects from inception

When the interiors of the house, office, or workshop are done, room-by-room, according to principles of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, we are assured of an atmosphere of complete harmony and balance.

This is done by ideally arranging beds, cupboards, treasure boxes, study tables, mirrors, paintings, personal photographs, electronics, and other artifacts around your homes to create an ideal environment for healthy happy living. For a commercial establishment it is important to look at placement of heavy machinery, cash counters, management’s seating, employee workstations, placement of products etc to prosper in your business venture.

Consultations can be for offices, homes, factories and workshops, hotels, resorts, hospitals, malls, or showrooms. It is best to consult when you are at the designing stages for your new homes or commercial establishments as major construction work can then be done beautifully in adherence to Feng Shui and Vastu principles.

What you need to send me:

Country/ City of the project
Floor Area (Square feet) of the property
Floor plans of properties under consideration. The floor plans should include exact directions (North, South, East, West) of the premises.
Any other relevant detail such as land cotours, land form, any elevations or depressions, and surrounding area information that may be relevant to the property.
Any specific areas of concern that you have such as low customer footfall at showroom, or low productivity at factory, or relationship and personal discords at home etc.
Time, date and place of birth of 2 key residents if consultation is for residential premises, or that of 2 key owners of business if for a commercial establishment. This helps in creating personalized horoscopes of key members associated with the property to make the consultation more peronalised in realtion to colour schemes to be used or interior design to follow.

Consultation Charges & Method of Payment

Consultation charges start from Rs.10,000 onwards depending on the type of project, square area of project, level of detailing required and other factors that will be discussed and determined over the phone with the client before taking up the project.

Transfer Funds to:
Account No.: 33010008073
Bank: Standard Chartered, New Alipore Branch, Calcutta 700053, India Bank Branch Code: 330
IFSC Code: SCBL0036007

Once you have made the payment, please attach a scan copy of the transaction and email to: .

Means of Consultation

Consultation will be given either via phone OR email depending on what the client prefers.

Consultation points

Your consultation will involve a thorough analysis of your property, its existing directional placements of rooms, doors, windows and staircases; areas where machinery and equipment is placed, position of cash counters or treasure box, and other important areas of consideration. The consultation will give you a clear perspective of whats going wrong in your premises according to Feng Shui & Vastu Shastra principles and provide you with a detailed list of suggestions to rectify and balance your environment to achieve the desired results that you are looking for. Consultation also includes reading of horoscopes of key people associated with the property such as owners of the business or residents of a home so as to personalize the consultation and recommendations in relation with colour schemes and interiors.


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