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Auspicious Dates of 2015
Genie in a bottle

In old Indian culture and beliefs, irrespective of religions, Amavasya is considered a time of great power. Amavasya, a word derived from Sanskrit, means ‘New Moon night’ according to the Hindu calendar. It is a day of total darkness, and it is through this darkness that comes the ray of light in the form of the birth of the new moon. It is a significant time amongst Hindus and many rituals are performed on Amavasya days, given its sacredness.

The birth of the New Moon is symbolic of new beginnings. Beginning of love, peace, happiness, health and prosperity. Astrologically it is believed that when we write down our wishes in this magical period, which is within ten minutes of the birth of the New Moon, our wishes are granted with the growing moon.

So take a white sheet of paper, and write your own little letter to God. Start by thanking God for all that he has blessed you with, as gratefulness and humility is the first step towards bringing more into your life. Then take a green ink pen and jot down your 10 precious wishes, believing in them with all your heart. Sign the paper, and place it in your home temple. Light a candle or a diya and meditate on your wishes and visualize them materializing. Visualization is one of the greatest powers we possess, and when we visualize, we generate powerful thoughts and feelings of having it now. That in turn is returned to us as reality, just as we saw it in our mind.

So go ahead and write down your wish, believe in it, and wait for it to turn into reality!
Wish dates and time (in IST) for 2015
20th January 18hrs 44min
19th February 05hrs 17 min
20th March 15hrs 06 min
18th April 24hrs 27 min
18th May 09hrs 43 min
16th June 19hrs 35 min
16th July 06hrs 54 min
14th August 20hrs 23min
13th September 12hrs 11min
13th October 05hrs 36min
11th November 23hrs 17min
11th December 15hrs 59min


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