Like attracts like, so make sure your space reflects the harmony and balance that you would like to bring into your life

Welcoming the soul to an environment that is blessed abundantly with love, happiness, prosperity and good health.

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Good vibes, healthy patients

Free flow of positive chi can counter the negative energy floating around hospitals and nursing homes. The recovery of patients can be speeded up if the atmosphere is neat and clean and caregivers are sympathetic and helpful. [Read more]

Plan ahead for perfect home

Continuing the list of tips that should be followed before buying any property. They will prove to be of great value in future and a big support when one is going through bad times [Read more]

Guide to Build a safe Haven

Do not buy a plot where the main gate faces a big tree, gutter, electric and telephone poles and corner of another building. [Read more]

Schooled for Success

Classrooms are best located in the east as the rising solar energy here is conducive to a childs mental growth [Read more]

The Secrets to Success

Our ambitions in life are best achieved when we have definite aims and objectives and a guiding force. More often than not, it is our own inhibitions and fears that restrict our success. [Read more]

Ways To Drive Away Wedding Woes

Marriages may be made in heaven, but there is rarely one that does not have its share of problems. While arguments and tiffs are natural in any relationship, the secret to a happy marriage is to be able to reconcile differences and carry on. [Read more]


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