Like attracts like, so make sure your space reflects the harmony and balance that you would like to bring into your life

Welcoming the soul to an environment that is blessed abundantly with love, happiness, prosperity and good health.

Authored book

Pinky Kapoor,
together with Prashant Kapoor authored a book
"Change your life the Feng-shui way"
which was published in 2003. by Rupa and co. They had worked for over two years on this book and thoroughly researched the science in the process. The book has true case studies, excerpts of personal experiences of people who have used and benefited from Feng-shui. There is in fact something for everyone in this book. Only after reading it one finds himself/herself interested in subjects they might not have given prior thought to.

In release of Mrs. Pinky Kapoor's book, a party was given by the publisher Rupa & Co. on 28th January, 2003 at Kennilworth. Cover and inside pages of Rupa & Co. Catalogue with Photographs of famous personalities. Mrs. Pinky Kapoor being one of the them.
Few photographs from the book
An image of a tortoise when placed in the northen sector of ur garden brings great career opportunities. When selecting an apartment, try choosing those which have a balcony or an open terrace, this will allow the apartment to breathe. The child's room should be decorated in pastel shades, with colorful toys and bed spreads.
Earthern pots can be kept in the south-west
corner to provide stability to your marriage.
  A waterfall Photograph to Welcome the
Chi (positive energy).
Soft curved shaped staircases help the chi to meander upwards.


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