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About Pinky Kapoor

Pinky Kapoor is one of the few Feng-shui and Vastu Shastra practitioners in India today. Even though both art forms have gained much popularity in the country over the past few years, there are perhaps very few people who blend both in their work. Based in Kolkata, Pinky Kapoor is one of the pioneers of this science in the country, having practiced it for over 14 years now.

Through her weekly articles in Kolkata’s leading newspaper ‘The Telegraph’, she has developed a keen interest amongst people on this subject. She has gained a thorough understanding of Feng-shui over the years from her Master based in London. She practices the following forms of Feng-shui - The Pillars of Destiny, The Flying Star Formula, Water Feng-shui for Wealth and Eight Mansions Formula.

Pinky Kapoor has also co-authored a book with Prashant Kapoor, named ‘Change Your Life The Feng Shui Way’ in the year 2003. The book has true case studies and excerpts of personal experiences of people who have used and benefited from Feng-shui.

She has also given a number of lectures and addressed seminars in large gatherings such as The Rotary, Ladies Study Group, Round Table, conferences organized by The British High Commission, The Taj & Oberoi Group of hotels and other eminent organizations across the country.

Pinky Kapoor has travelled widely in India and abroad to cater to her clients over the years.  Her projects include both residential and commercial spaces. She provides consultations to offices, homes, hotels, resorts, factories, hospitals, malls and showrooms.  She also gives personal consultations to individuals including detailed analysis of their horoscopes.


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